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An image of a(n) Parachuting Squirrel Day of the Dead Sticker.

Parachuting Squirrel - Day of the Dead Sticker

  • $ 399

What's not to love about this little guy? He's cute and cuddly and jumping out of planes so add him to your collection right away.

These stickers are made of high quality weather-proof vinyl and feature original Mis Nopales artwork. They are screen printed professionally to create the highest quality vinyl stickers around. The inks used are typically at least 7-10 times thicker than other silkscreen printers and 10x-20x thicker than digitally printed stickers in addition, 3 passes of clear UV protection are screened on each sticker. Images are copyrighted Jose Pulido.

Dimensions: 4“ W x 2.5“ L x .0313“ H

Product ID: FP-DDS-000144

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