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About Us

Let the traditional feel and finish of our letterpress art prints take you back to an era of quality and craftsmanship!

Formally established in 2010, we specialize in letterpress art prints.  Our goal is to provide you with a wide assortment of unique, often handcrafted art prints, posters and gifts while delivering exceptional customer service. Our philosophy is to honor self-expression in all its forms. Each item or design you see has been carefully selected from the portfolios and studios of our artists to provide you access to the unique, creative and often quirky pieces we offer. Whether you are looking to stock your store or decorate that special room we hope our inventory speaks to you and your own personal sense of style.

Learn more about us by viewing our recent podcast entitled " From Wild Bill to Their Own Biz with Berk and Katie of Fresh Prints of CT" by Sue Monhait of Gift Biz Unwrapped.

Our Process

Letterpress is the oldest method of printing where the artwork is embedded into the paper using "relief" type printing plates.  A “relief” plate is one where the area to be printed is physically raised from the surface of the plate.  The plates are hand-set and then inked by the press operator allowing the design and lettering to be imprinted onto the paper.  The letterpress embosses the design into the surface of the paper creating a textured, three-dimensional effect.  Due to the high-degree of craftsmanship required they are rarely produced.

We print using polymer plates, a recent innovation allowing us to create custom designs digitally.  Thick cotton paper is then run though press by a master craftsman. Since the amount of pressure exerted by the press varies, labor-intensive adjustments must be made throughout the process.  The result is a beautiful print with an embossed texture that begs to be touched.  We print using the highest quality cotton paper allowing for the deepest printed impression.  We prefer to use 100% cotton 300 GSM Crane Lettra paper and a 100 year old Heidelberg press. 

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