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An image of a(n) Omega Centauri Star Cluster - Scarf.

Omega Centauri Star Cluster - Scarf

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NASA's Hubble Space Telescope snapped this panoramic view of a colorful assortment of 100,000 stars residing in the crowded core of a giant star cluster. If anyone lived in this globular cluster, they would behold a star-saturated sky that is roughly 100 times brighter than Earth's sky. The photograph showcases the camera's color versatility by revealing a variety of stars in key stages of their life cycles. Yellow-white, like our Sun: These are adult stars that are shining by hydrogen fusion. Toward the end of their normal lives, the stars become cooler and larger. These late-life stars are the orange dots in the image. Red giants: These bright red stars swell to many times larger than our Sun's size and begin to shed their gaseous envelopes. Brilliant blue: Only a thin layer of material covers their super-hot cores. These stars are desperately trying to extend their lives by fusing helium in their cores. At this stage, they emit much of their light at ultraviolet wavelengths. White dwarfs: When the helium runs out they are no longer generating energy through nuclear fusion and have gravitationally contracted to the size of Earth.

Dimensions: 74“ W x 25“ L x .125“ H

Product ID: FP-SMS-000015

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