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An image of a(n) 30 Doradus - Tarantula Nebula - Scarf.

30 Doradus - Tarantula Nebula - Scarf

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This design is from an image taken by the Hubble telescope and has not been altered other than sized to fit the scarf's dimensions then digitally printed onto the scarf. 30 Doradus, also known as the Tarantula Nebula because its glowing filaments resemble spider legs. 30 Doradus is located in the neighboring galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud, and is one of the largest star-forming regions located close to the Milky Way . At the center of 30 Doradus, thousands of massive stars are blowing off material and producing intense radiation along with powerful winds. The Chandra X-ray Observatory detects gas that has been heated to millions of degrees by these stellar winds and also by supernova explosions.

Dimensions: 74“ W x 25“ L x .125“ H

Product ID: FP-SMS-000011

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