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An image of a(n) Describe My Look As Open Casket Ephemera Art Print.

Describe My Look As Open Casket - Ephemera Art Print - 8 x 10

  • $ 1199

It's not all bad, with this Ephemera poster you can be casket sharp.

Have you ever wanted to say something brutally honest, sarcastic, offensive or just plain ol' hilarious and you are not entirely sure you can nail the delivery? These funny prints are guaranteed to get the point across and make you giggle, chuckle, snicker and guffaw. Our Ephemera prints are great conversation pieces for the quick witted and light-hearted, so whether you’re buying for yourself or someone in your life, we hope you find something deliciously offensive.

Dimensions: 10“ W x 8“ L x .0313“ H

Product ID: FP-EPH-000038-SZ8X10

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